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About Cynthia Langston

Cynthia Langston was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin.

She began her writing career at the age of twelve, with a bi-weekly soap opera called “Yesterday’s Desire.”  Scrawled in a series of tattered red notebooks, YD was passed around the 6th grade class at St. Pius Catholic Gradeschool, where its enormous popularity and demand-for-more inspired Cynthia to make writing a priority.

She continued penning short stories and screenplays throughout high school.  She eventually moved to Chicago to study writing in the prestigious Radio/TV/Film department at Northwestern University, where she also wrote film and theatre reviews for the school’s prize-winning newspaper, The Daily Northwestern.  During her senior year, she received national attention for pioneering one of the first authentic “sex columns,” a weekly he-said/she-said column called “Bungalations.”

After college, Cynthia moved to the New York area, where she continued to write for a wide variety of publications, including a stint as a film critic for Film Journal International.  While in New York, she began a side career in advertising and eventually launched her own successful market research company, Consumer Dig.

In 2001, Cynthia moved herself, her company and her two cats to Los Angeles, where she now lives in the gorgeous Hollywood Hills with her husband and brand new baby boy.

Currently, Cynthia is re-launching Bicoastal Babe to coincide with the development of Katherine Heigl’s “Trending,” a new drama series in development on the CW network (which is based on BB).

Her second novel, “The Very First Bite,” was released in October 2012.